I love paper-crafting and card-making.  I have been known to do a bit of sewing from time to time.  I started card-making way back when I had ‘flu and was lying on the settee feeling sorry for myself, flicking through the television programmes and I came across the Create & Craft channel.  This is back in the day when Alan & Barry were presenting.  Anyone remember them?  I saw a demo of heat embossing and a miracle happened… not the heat embossing itself but my ‘flu disappeared!   I got ready in lightening speed and took myself off to the local garden centre craft department and bought all the bits and bobs I needed to heat emboss.  I started with a shoe box.  Ha ha!  Now I have a custom-built craft room!

I have a helper, Bobby the Parrot.  He usually gets paper to tear up and generally make a mess with and I make my own mess.  I don’t know who makes the most mess!  We listen to music while we craft.

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I bought a small Cricut electronic cutting machine at some stage and pretty quickly outgrew it and then joined the big girls and invested in a Black Cat Cutter from Thyme Graphics.  One of the best things I ever bought!  Then I found SVG Cuts and have made quite a number of their 3d models, most of which I have proudly displayed in my room.

Last year, my grandson was seriously ill and I lost all interest in crafting and only managed to make cards for him to give to the various Wards at the Hospital to say thank you.  But as he has progressed and improved, I slowly started to yearn to get back into crafting but I wanted a change, at least temporarily.  I was browsing through various craft sites looking for some inspiration and I came across my newest crafty love – Kit and Clowder.  It’s an online colouring tutorial site owned by Alyce Keegan.  Her teaching skills are awesome and her video tutorials are absolutely second-to-none.  I have had enormous fun learning new and exciting techniques (and have spent quite a few pennies upgrading my alcohol marker collection to Copics) and it’s starting this course that made me think it would be nice to start a whole new blog to celebrate my Kit and Clowder journey.

I’m adding a gallery of photos here just to show you some of my older projects but hope to update this bog with my new adventures on a regular basis.  I have made such promises before on an old blog and didn’t quite keep my word but I will try this time!!  Hope you enjoy browsing through Six Drawers Full.  Please do let me know you were here and follow me.  Thank you so much.

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