Bobby is a cute but naughty parrot who has been part of our family since 1997.  He was three when we had him so he is in his 20’s now.  He used to talk very well and had a huge repertoire but to be honest, we became the parrots and ended up copying him!!  He really only says what he needs to when he needs to.  He definitely doesn’t talk ‘parrot fashion’ – he talks in context.  He says ‘goodnight’ when he wants to go to bed, ‘bye-bye’ if we leave the house and he does a wicked imitation of wine pouring from a bottle.  If you are a bit tipsy, you get very confused because you can’t tell the difference between Bobby and the actual pouring!  We have had him almost 20 years and I still go to answer the phone when it’s Bobby playing tricks on me.  When he sees me go to the phone, he chuckles!!  Anyway, he is lovely and I am very glad to be sharing some photos with you.

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