Thyme time flies…. and we’re having fun!


I simply cannot believe that it is already a week since I had immersed myself into the Thyme Graphics retreat.  I had the most awesome weekend and learned so much in three and a half days that absolutely whizzed by way too quickly.  We made five projects and got to try techniques I would never even have thought of!  Honestly, my crafting style is now changed forever and my beautiful Silver Bullet machine is my new best friend in the craft room.

So here goes…..  It all started on Friday afternoon.  We settled in to the Thyme classroom.  Some of us took our own machines and some used machines supplied by Thyme.  I chose to take mine because all machines have their own little foibles and personalities.  My machine always had this little thing that the blade never ended up in the same place when I cut a shape so I would have to snip a tiny bit with scissors.  I thought it was one of my settings and hoped to resolve it at the retreat.  Not only was it resolved by Dawn simply looking at one of my cuts but she helped me realised that I had been doing something wrong in all the years I had owned my machine!  Such a simple thing solved within a few seconds.  I could have jumped for joy!!

The first project was an engraved acrylic pendant!

I honestly didn’t even know my Silver Bullet was capable of this!!  Superb don’t you think?

The next morning we made an early start and made a ‘print and cut’ project.  We also foiled which is something I had done before but not as successfully.  Needless to say that as soon as I got back home after the retreat, all the foiling equipment came out from the back of the cupboard ready for use.

Next we made the beautiful advent calendar.  This includes the actual designing of it so that we are able to place the images behind the windows.  It’s all clever stuff!

Here are the cut outs of the veneer numbers, tree and moon


In the evening we made a start on a tyvek wallet.  Another material and technique absolutely new to me.  Tyvek is an extremely durable, printable, un-tearable and lightweight material which feels rather like paper.   My daughter says that her company use Tyvek envelopes.  It’s amazing stuff and cuts beautifully with the Silver Bullet.  The design of this is genius!

There’s even a slot in the top of the wallet (apologies for the poor photo) for your paper money.  Honestly, the design of this is so clever.  We used needle and thread to stitch around the edges which was easy because tiny holes which were incorporated into the design and cut out on our machines meant that needlework was a breeze.

Finally on Sunday morning, we started work on glass-etching!  ‘What’s that?’ I hear you say.  Glass etching?  On the Silver Bullet?  That’s what I thought too but actually this was really clever.  So the machine was used to cut out a stencil in vinyl which was then used to protect the glass before adding a special cream which would ‘eat’ into the glass giving it the opaqueness that you see on decorated glass vases etc.  It is SOOOO clever!  Another new technique and the potential for so many fantastic projects.  We also used an airbrush to add colour to our designs.  Here’s the finished result….


Just how cool are these?  When they are filled with some bath salts and tied with a ribbon, what a lovely gift they will be!

On Monday, we had a colouring get together organised by Lucy which was great fun although I was tired so just watched in awe at the expert colouring done by Erin and Lucy.  It seems I have a lot of practising to do but it was so much fun to watch.  Erin coloured an A4 image from a colouring book.  So the image was large – not something I would attempt.  It was a character with a good deal of hair to colour.  Oh my,  you should have seen it.  Was so amazing!  Lucy finished the most beautiful witchy card.  It’s fantastic to see it all done live.

After that, it was time to go home.  I came back with my head buzzing and dying to get my machine set back up in the craft room and start playing!  By Tuesday I was ready to roll and have created a couple of cards since I got back which I will share next time.  I’m having fun playing although I have to keep in mind I have an office to run and a house to look after too! 

I honestly can’t thank Dawn and her team enough.  It was a wonderful retreat and so highly recommended for anyone who wants to either give the Silver Bullet a try or hone their skills on their own machine.  Dawn’s husband deserves a special mention.  He fetches, carries, gives lifts, organises, cooks and provides all weekend.  A true gent!.  The helpers; Lucy, Gaz and Pete were stars.  They shared their knowledge, experience, time and advice so freely which I think is amazing and generous.  Dawn’s designs and videos which we brought home on a memory stick are incredible – clear and concise and I know if I have any questions, I only have to ask.

What a weekend it was!  I’m definitely booking onto the next one – that’s for sure!!

Have a fabulous week.  Supposed to be really warm here in the UK – it’s the middle of October!!!  What on earth is going on?!




The countdown has started…. Thyme Graphics!!


Hi ho, Hi ho – it’s off to Thyme we go……..
I have been busy packing and preparing my kit to make a road trip to Derby to attend a crafting weekend when I will discover how much more my Silver Bullet cutting machine can do!

Up until now, I have only been cutting card but I am reliably informed that by the end of Sunday afternoon I shall be in awe of what else I could be doing with it. I’m excited as this is the third time I have booked. The last two times I have not been able to attend for one reason or another. As a great big bonus, I am adding a day to my trip to enjoy a day colouring with my Copics alongside Lucy Gregg and other like-minded people. How lucky am I?
Of-course I’m leaving behind Matthew so am busy making sure he has supplies to keep him sustained while I’m away. You’d think I was going for six weeks by the way I’ve been cooking! I’ll be back on Monday evening!

I’ve managed to have a go at the monthly colouring class with Kit and Clowder this month.  Here is the pencils class.  I have a lot of improvement to make but I’m pretty pleased with it.  It’s only the second pencils class I have tried and is way, way better than the first.

and here is my attempt at the markers class.  Coloured with my Copics, I love this image and pleased with the results.  What do you think?


I love the use of light and shade in the leaves and the two tone yellow tulips.  Altogether I’m chuffed with it and thanks to Alyce Keegan for a wonderful class.






Anyway guys, I’ll try to post soon to let you know how the weekend went.  I’m sure it’s going to be great fun.  Apart from anything else, I love Derby.  I lived there for a little while back in the late 80’s and it’s where I met Matthew!

Enjoy your weekend as much as me!!

Two Autumn themed cards



As the nights grow even longer – darkish by 6.30 pm now! – I’m well into the autumn spirit.  I just love the bright oranges, yellows, reds and the deep auburns and browns of the season.  So with that in mind, my last two cards have been made with an autumn feel.

The first is a Happy Birthday card.  This is to Geoff who does our garden.  He has been coming here since we moved in at the end of May 1995!  He’s a treasure and is now in his mid-70’s.  Our garden isn’t the easiest with a good few slopes to deal with.  I’m telling you he’s much fitter than the two of us here.

Here is a photo of our garden although right now it not as tidy because of falling leaves!

My next card is to my son-in-law’s mum Pauline who had a fall and is nursing a bad fracture of her ankle in hospital requiring a couple of surgeries…. ouch!  Again it has the autumn feel and the same style but I like it a lot.  Here goes….

I love the background paper which came from the Hello Fall collection by Carta Bella which I also used on my Pumpkin Cottage in the last post.  If it brought at least the hint of a smile to Pauline’s face then I am happy.  I love the font too which is Scriptina Pro.

I hope you liked my projects.  The Thyme Graphics weekend retreat edges closer and closer…. I’m looking forward to it and I’ve also tagged a day onto the weekend to spend the day colouring with Lucy Gregg who is an expert colourist with Copics… how exciting is that!?

I shall report back……….

Keep safe guys.  Thanks for looking.  Please take a minute to mention that you were here.

Carol xx

Pumpkin Cottage


The autumn is here, leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees.  It’s a beautiful time of year although we have had some grey days.

I have got into the autumn spirit by making this adorable Pumpkin Cottage which lights up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The file is designed by Mary from who I must say is a master engineer!  Her designs are awesome.  They always cut beautifully on my Silver Bullet machine from Thyme Graphics.  I’m off to Thyme Graphics next week to meet Dawn who runs the show and her team for a weekend retreat where I will be learning some super-cool techniques and how to push my cutting machine to the limit.  I have only ever used it to cut out card and once I cut out some vinyl but it can do so much more so I’m excited to see what I can achieve.

Hope you all have a wonderful, bright autumn day!


Thank You to an amazing person….


This is a card I made for a very good friend who is simply amazing…..

The digistamp is ‘Ruby’ by Sylvia Zet at  She is adorable don’t you think?  She has been coloured in using Copics and the flowers are from AliExpress.  I used an embossing folder and a doily to mount the image on.  I had distressed around the edge of the image in a soft pink but wish I hadn’t done that now.  I think it would have been better left a lovely crisp white.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Light and Peace to you all.

Carol xx



Three little darlings


I have three beautiful, amazing grandchildren….. and this week to celebrate my overwhelming love for them all I decided to make ‘just because’ cards for them.

First there is Lola who I call Looby Lou.   She is my daughter’s daughter.  She is gorgeous, talented and very funny.  She has such a kind heart and shows a wisdom way beyond her years.  She will be 9 in November.  She is a Coventry Blaze fan and has been officially appointed as their Junior Media Reporter.  She has a blog where you can see her interviews (hilarious to say the least) with the players and match reports.  Find her here.

My card for Looby Lou is based on her love for Coventry Blaze, and Ice hockey team.  The character on the card is a KennyK digistamp (unfortunately Kennyk has ceased trading which was a terrible blow) and coloured with my Copics.  It’s a shaker card and the little discs in the shaker element are meant to be pucks.  The character also wobbles.

Click here to see a little video of the moving parts of the card


Next there is Ethan; my sons’ son, who me and my daughter call Pecan.  He is a born entertainer, funny  and sweet.   He is remarkably strong and courageous having suffered a life-threatening condition (brain tumour) which was diagnosed a couple of years ago when he was just five years old.  He had to have major neurosurgery followed by intense radiotherapy and then chemotherapy.  He is doing very well but the treatments have stunted his growth so he is about to embark on long-term growth hormone therapy.  Pecan will be 8 next January.  Pecan’s card is a ‘penny slider’ card with a hand-made Fidget Spinner which I found as a free SVG file for my Silver Bullet cutting machine.  I got inspiration for this card from Pinterest here.

Here’s a video showing the fidget spinner spin……click here


Last but certainly not least is my sons’ daughter Skye who was born towards the end of May this year.  She is a little sweetheart.  She has already had to undergo major surgery for some congenital problems and will have to have at least another two operations in the next 12 months.  But, this little princess always has a lovely smile despite her problems.   I wanted to send her a little magic to make her feel better – well I guess she is a bit young to understand but hopefully her mummy and daddy will feel the magic!  The image is from Polkadoodles and coloured with Copics.  I bought it as part of a special deal when Kit and Clowder recently celebrated 15,000 members with an online party.


I hope you liked the cards and little bit of info on my 3 little darlings.  Thanks for looking.  Stop by again soon.


Love and Peace



Do you wanna build a scarecrow?


Hope you like him!  He’s made with a file from  The papers are just various ones that I have in my paper piles.  I’ve used embossing folders to texturise his clothing.  Namutu is celebrating the arrival of Autumn which of-course is just around the corner here in the UK.  The banner in the original file says ‘HAPPY FALL’ but I changed it to say autumn.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of us wish each other a Happy Autumn here but we do have celebrate Harvest Festival where we thank God for all the good things that grow on the land.

Kerala in India are celebrating Onam right now.  Read about that here  so I will say Happy Onam to all you Keralites out there.

Even the Muslim world have recently had a huge celebration which is called Eid Al-Adha.  It’s the second Eid festival of the year.  Read more about it here.   So I would like to wish all my Muslim friends both here and abroad a belated Happy Eid Al-Adha, especially Parveen and family.  Hope you had that best time.

It’s nice to celebrate at this time of year as it brightens the days which I must say are getting gloomier and damper.  The sky is getting darker earlier and I guess we know that it won’t belong before Autumn turns to Winter.  But Autumn is beautiful don’t you think?  I love it – apart from the leaves in the garden!!

Anyway, however you have or will be celebrating, have a fantastic time.  Keep you world colourful and bright.

Peace and love   xxxxx

September….. really?


I just can’t believe how this year has flown by. The nights are drawing in now and soon we will be feeling the bite of the winter! Just ridiculous!

I seem to have been busy with one thing and another. My mum has settled so well into the Care Home and is very happy. It’s lovely to think that she is no longer lonely in the evenings and is safe at all times. Her house went on the market and I got an acceptable offer within a few days so that is all going through. Fingers crossed there will be no hitches and everything will be sorted quickly.

I’ve spent some lovely days with Lola, my granddaughter who I call Looby Lou.  She is 8 going on 23 and such fun to be with.  She’s back to school next week and looking forward to moving into Year 4!  We have shopped, baked and crafted.  We have discussed all sorts of deep subjects like politics, religion, tourism and make-up!!  We’ve spent a few too many hours playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.   We’ve both had a lovely time!

I haven’t managed much craft but have enjoyed a little bit of colouring and card-making here and there. I thought I would share a step-by-step colouring of a fairy I have done with Kit and Clowder. It’s a monthly online class. The tutor is Alyce who lives in Australia. She prepares the most amazing tutorials with a written step-by-step, very detailed booklet and a video so you can follow along using either (or both) methods. The techniques learned every month gives the learner the courage to try new things and adapt the colouring lessons to their own images. There are two monthly classes; markers and pencils as well as card-making classes. There’s also a huge library of technique classes including skin and hair, animals and flowers to name just a few. Alyce’s classes are absolutely highly recommended and if you have any interest at all in learning colouring, head along to and take a peep to see what you could be achieving.

Anyway, here is the image I coloured in the last week….

I had such fun colouring this image and learning the background, grass and see-through wing techniques.  The image is coloured using copics.  For further information, go to Kit and Clowder!

My other little recent projects are a simple wedding card and a New Baby card for my friend Bev to give to her daughter.  Baby due any day now!!  I got the inspiration for the wedding card design from other cards online but cut out the shapes on my wonderful Silver Bullet electronic cutting machine.  The baby card design is from and again cut out on my Silver Bullet.  I’m excited to be going to a weekend retreat to find out way more about the Silver Bullet in early October.  Watch this space to find out about that!  Here are my little projects….

Anyway folks that’s just about all from me this time.  Wishing you a great remainder of summer.  Stay safe and keep busy!!

Peace and love until next time


Edit:  I’m playing with some sharing and publishing plugins so please let me know if anything is wrong.  Thanks 🙂

Tea for two…..


Hi everyone,

How are you all?  I would love to get more followers – I know I don’t post very often but I would love some encouragement.  Please drop me a line and let me know you were here!

As always, life has been busy and I haven’t had a lot of time to craft but I did decide to have a little play with my cutting machine and a fantastic file from the wonderful Mary over at SVGCuts.  There are never any faults with her files and her video instructions are amazing.  So I decided to make a teapot and cups.  I’m going to give them to the Care Home where my mum is.  They often have special days about bygone eras so I thought they might be able to use this little collection as a reminder to their residents…. Tea for two and two for tea…….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mary’s files include the teapot, cup, saucer and even the sweet little spoon!  You also get a Teabag Dispenser, Teabag Carton and a card included in the kit.  All these for $6.99!!

The papers are from an old paper pack I had called Cupcake Boutique by Dovecraft.  The easel card is a file designed by MyScrapChick and is well worth the $3 I paid.  I have so many of her files.  If you are a paper crafter with a cutting machine, take a look at both SVGCuts and MyScrapChick.

I have done a little colouring this week too but I am going to make a card with it and will share soon.

Please say ‘hello’ and share my little website.

Have a great week.  I’m off to watch Mr Bolt in his last ever 100m competition race.  We will miss him and the amazing icon that is Mo Farrah…. what sporting hero’s they are!!


Peace and Love